Here’s a not so serious get ready for retirement quiz

So, you’re getting ready to retire. What will you do with all those Freedom Chips?

Freedom Chips™ are a way to think about your financial life. They are your very own assets that you build up over time and then claim at the right time to do whatever it is you want to do.

So, you’re ready for retirement, you’ve got all your “Freedom Chips” in place, but what will you do with them? Is a yacht really going to bring you happiness or would you rather be close to your grand kids? Do you really need that big house in Florida or would you rather travel the world?

Take this super serious quiz to find out!

Joking aside, we don’t just help you grow your assets, we also care about your happiness. We’ll work with you to reach your financial goals and take into account those things that are important to you.



True or False type quiz

Getting ready for retirement quiz

Ok, ok, you want some actual help with your retirement planning.

We’re here to assist you in creating a robust plan that helps you to get ready for retirement! We meet with you to understand your current financial situation and your financial goals. Using that information, we will craft a personalized financial plan just for you. We’ll have periodical check-ins with you to ensure that your plan continues to align with your evolving needs and objectives over time.

Contact us to take advantage of our free “table top” financial planning meeting to determine if our services are right for you.