Saving for later: what are the retirement income options?

Retired woman out playing with grandchild

How are you able to maintain financial security, even after retirement? And when you have created a good retirement plan, did you keep the ever changing financial landscape into account? A good retirement plan helps you to make informed decisions about the way you can spend your time after you stop working. In this blog…

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Here’s a not so serious get ready for retirement quiz

So, you’re getting ready to retire. What will you do with all those Freedom Chips? Freedom Chips™ are a way to think about your financial life. They are your very own assets that you build up over time and then claim at the right time to do whatever it is you want to do. So,…

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The importance of education planning

family celebrating daughters graduation

Providing for your family is important. A financial plan helps families create a carefree future and education planning plays an important role in that. How do you start making an education plan? Is it better to start saving or investing? And what do you need to know when it comes to making sure you and…

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Will there be a recession in 2023?

I wanted to give you an update on markets and historical returns as well as give you some economic highlights.  The 1 year trailing return is -5.78% and the 3 year trailing annualized return is +15.35%. Valuations for the S&P 500 remain high and we believe the chances of a recession have increased. Labor markets…

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